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sch-rnd - help wanted

The project is looking for volunteers for the features listed below. If you want to contribute, you will need to have an svn client and an email client. Furthermore an IRC client is strongly recommended.

You will become part of the team and get svn commit right immediately when you start working.

Don't have much free time? Don't worry: the tasks below are split up in very small (1..2 hours) chunks. Coordination is granted, the administrative overhead is almost zero - you can focus on the task, and finish it whenever you have a free hour.

Worrying about your contribution to go in /dev/null? Don't: sch-rnd has very short loops; you start contributing and get immediate feedback. Your work is part of the official thing immediately and revised and accepted (or rarely refused) within hours or at most days. There are no bitrotting branches.

You are not confident enough with your skills? sch-rnd is an optimal project for learning. If you start contributing, you get support. There are small and simple entry level tasks. Most of the tasks don't require any programming skills.

Sign up by contacting the lead developer If you want to work on a feature not listed below, feel free to drop me a mail.

ID skill required description
CUCP user or dev CUCP is a flexible system for small chunks of regular contribution - pick this if you have only 1..4 hours a week for contributing; anything else below takes more time.
doc user, html write sections of user documentation (generic)
atest C/beginner program automated test cases
rosetta scripting port example scripts to your favorite language (more details)
actionw C action wrapper programming (more details)