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Master read-write repository


Use only this one for commiting changes.

Real-time read-only svn mirrors

These repositories are mirroring the master repo in real-time. That means seconds after a commit to the master repository the synchronization takes place and the mirror should be up to date. Use these mirrors if you never commit and the master repository feels slow.

url location
svn:// U.S., west coast

Periodic read-only svn mirrors

These mirrors upgrade periodically, thus they are lagging behind the main repositories above. Do not use them unless none of the above repositries are accessible.

url update frequency location
svn:// manual/random (every few days) Budapest, Hungary

Note: svn mirrors are always read-only and lag behind the master repository. The latest commits are often accessible only in the master repo, until mirrors sync, which may take anything between minutes and days. You should almost always use the master repository. There are situations when using a mirror may help, tho: