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sch-rnd tutorial

The official sch-rnd video tutorial consists of three chapters:

After watching all episodes of chapter 1, you will be able to use sch-rnd on beginner level, for drawing simple circuits for the PCB workflow. After watching chapter 2 you will be able to use sch-rnd in intermediate level, much more efficiently, for more complex designs for the PCB workflow. Advanced topics and non-PCB workflows are covered in chapter 3, which should be watched selectively, on a per topic basis.

Chapter 1: getting started

(18 minutes)

Blinking LED board (also on youtube)

Topics covered:

Chapter 2: using sch-rnd

(1..5 minutes each)

  1. using the crosshair to line things up (also on youtube)
  2. using undo and redo, undo list (also on youtube)
  3. Selections & layers (also on youtube)
  4. Operations on objects vs. selection (also on youtube)
  5. Paste buffers (also on youtube)
  6. Text
  7. Custom groups (also on youtube)
  8. Drawing polygons: polygon conversion from objects (also on youtube)
  9. Networks, wiring
  10. Handling pinouts with generic symbols (the "transistor problem")
  11. Editing metadata
  12. Pens (color & font) (also on youtube)
  13. Creating new symbols (GUI) (also on youtube)
  14. Creating symbol terminals (GUI) (also on youtube)
  15. Exporting data

Chapter 3: advanced topics