yget is (yet another) simple tool to get videos off from youtube.


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Releases: repo.hu/projects/yget/releases

Debian packages: http://repo.hu/debian


YGET(1)                                                                YGET(1)

       yget - download youtube videos
       yplay - play youtube videos
       yurl - print youtube download URLs and additional informations

       yget URL [-hq|-fmt fmtlist|-sub lang|-prefix prefix]
       yplay URL [-hq|-fmt fmtlist|-sub lang]
       yurl URL

       yget  saves the video of the given youtube URL. The filename is created
       from the given prefix, an ascii name and the video id. The default pre-
       fix  is  "y_".  If the URL points to a playlist then yget will download
       all videos in it and save them with prefix "y[number]_".  If the  file-
       name  already exists then yget assumes that the video is unfinished and
       tries to continue the download.

       yplay streams the video of the given youtube URL.

       yurl prints a key value pair list about the given youtube URL (download
       url, title, length, etc.).

       -hq    Tries to select the highest quality video format.

       -fmt fmtlist
              Select the specified video format, the argument is a space sepa-
              rated list of numbers, the first available format will be  down-

       -sub lang
              Download  subtitle  for  the specified language (two letter lan-
              guage code is used, eg 'en', 'de', 'fr').

       -prefix prefix
              Filename prefix used by yget.

       yplay -hq -sub en "youtube.co.uk/watch?v=abcdefghijk&foo=123&bar=456"
       yget -fmt '43 45' youtu.be/abcdefghijk
       yget abcdefghijk
       yget http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=abcdefghijklmnop
       yurl http://youtube.com/p/abcdefghijklmnop

       If the URL has query parameters ("&foo=bar") then the "&" might need to
       be  escaped in the shell. Internally these parameters are dropped, only
       the video or playlist id is used.

       yget and yplay try to get a 640x360 resolution  H.264  encoded  version
       (fmt=34).   For  other versions see the download url## from yurl or use
       -fmt.  (possible fmt parameters are 5 6 13 17 18 22 34 35 36 37  43  45
       82 84 100 102)

       For  the  available  subtitle  languages, check ttlang in the output of
       yurl.  (the final timed text url is the ttsurl plus '&lang=xx' where xx
       is the two letter language code). The subtitle is in xml format that is
       recognized by mplayer.  yget saves the subtitle under the same name  as
       the  video plus '.lang.sub' so mplayer loads it if -sub-fuzziness is at
       least 1, yplay stores the subtitle in /tmp/yplay.sub.

       Any recent mplayer or vlc should be able to stream the video  from  the
       urls  printed  by  yurl.   Seeking in the stream might not work.  yplay
       uses mplayer.